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   95% of all insects enter the home from outside. Acorn locates and treats the cause opposed to treating the symptoms.
Acorn has been treating homes for the past 44 years. Acorn treats residential homes as if they were our own. Acorn is quite
aware of children and pets, expensive carpets, furniture and tile. Every home we inspect is different because of the type
of construction which is why we offer free inspections. For example a slab construction could present circumstances such as
insects coming up through expansion joints and cracks. Slab construction presents a perfect environment for insects as it
is the same temperature all year under the slab. Most slab construction have heating pipes under the slab that in the
winter gives the insects the same environment as if they went to Aruba for the winter. What sets us apart from other companies is that our service techs go through rigorous training and exceed integrated pest management procedures. Acorn service techs have over 25 years of experience and take University and Industry updated training courses. Acorn has also developed a none pesticide procedure for guaranteed pest elimination and are Green Pro certified for Green Services.
             Residential Division offers:
  Free Inspections
  Termite control
  Carpenter Ant control
  Rodent control
  Real Estate Inspections and Certificates
  Ornamental Insects
  Bat control and Bird Control

  Wildlife animal trapping and exclusion
  Insect Identification
  Cluster Flies    
  Fruit Flies
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