Acorn Pest Control has seen many changes in pest control. Over the last 44 years,
we have taken Integrated Pest Management one step over and above the rest. Unlike

other pest control companies the majority of our employees have been with us for

over 25 years. We think the difference that sets us apart from other companies is the
experience of our operators. Any company is only as good as the service tech that
services their facilities. All of our service techs attend seminars to keep abreast of
new methods and procedures. All of our service techs are mature, wear a clean
company uniform and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
   Free estimates and all of our pest programs are custom made to the facility. For
example a pest program for a Children's Daycare wouldn't be the same as for a
restaurant. Acorn services pharmaceutical facilities, Vivariums, Hospitals, Nursing
Homes, Children Daycare Centers, Universities, Dormitories, Public Schools, Food
Service Facilities, Restaurants, Warehouses, Telecommunications Facilities, Housing
Authorities, Building Managers, Container Fumigation, Shipping Lines and Shopping Centers.
                   Our commercial division offers:
  Free inspections
  Customized service
  Sanitation reports
  Insect control
  Rodent control
  Fly control
  Termite and Carpenter Ant control
  Wild Life trapping
  Bird exclusion
  Container fumigation
  Mosquito and tick Control
  Bedbug Elimination
  Weed control
  Real estate certificates
  Ph.D. Entomologist on staff
  Leed Buildings
  Guaranteed Pest Elimination